233: Digging In

The election was decided this past weekend. The next few weeks should be a doozy as the Trump team is digging their heels in and not going lightly. It’s the first time I’ve seen any team or person refuse to accept an outcome. Interestingly, Hilary Clinton called this out in 2016 that this exact scenario would happen:

It’s good to see media outlets not taking Trump’s bait. Just yesterday Fox cut away from Trump’s team’s press announcement as they said there was no evidence for their claims and until there is, they can’t continue to show it.

It’s great to see the media finally coming around to thinking before airing every thing that gets thrown against the wall.

How crazy would it be if Trump waited all the way until January and until he literally gets kicked out by the military? Oooff - that can’t be good for America.

Vaccine Alert

Nine months into the pandemic, we have some game-changing vaccine news. Pfizer announced early results from its coronavirus trial, which suggests that their vaccine is over 90 percent effective and with no serious safety concerns.

This is the first significant sign that a coronavirus vaccine could actually work. There have only been hints up till now.

Of course, the technology behind the vaccine, which requires two doses, has not previously ever been approved for use in humans but those are small details.

As a result stocks are reacting: Zoom is way down and travel stocks are way up. Seems like people think the end of the pandemic is near:

Other Stuff

There are now Twitter accounts for the First Dogs and surprisingly good content considering they’re dogs:

This is just a bonkers amount of COVID deaths:


23 states set new highs last week for coronavirus infections recorded in a single day. 15 states surpassed records from the previous week. ICU capacity has not yet been reached but it’s getting there.

That’s it everyone. Cases are on the way up so stay home.

Only 64 more days to go