I’m ready to get back to normal. I’m sure we all are. The new vaccines that are coming are giving me hope that maybe, just maybe, next summer might be somewhat normal.

There are two vaccines announcements. My understanding is that the first one from Pfizer requires “cold storage” which means they have to be transferred and stored in -80 celsius containers. It also means that this solution is never going to work for developed nations. Only places like the US can even attempt to distribute these.

The second from Moderna doesn’t require cold storage for the entire time. It can thaw. It is also my favorite vaccine because it was funded in part by Dolly Parton, who made a $1 million contribution.

The last bit of good news is that people who get the vaccine should be immune from the virus for years, perhaps even decades.

The two companies combined are expected to produce enough doses for 35 million people by the end of the year.

All of this is great news. We’re on our way!

At Our House

We’re watching the TV show The Queen’s Gambit and enjoying it. We’re only a few episodes in but so far it’s great.

Other Stuff

If anyone is free this weekend...

For those of you traveling next week….

And the winner for “what are people doing!?!” goes to these guys:


The cases are going through the roof. The third wave is cruising right now. I just hope we reach the top of it soon. Look at the curve below, we are still on the way up.

Lockdown is happening: California, Washington State and Oregon have closed indoor dining. The mayor of Chicago instituted a new stay-at-home order, and Philadelphia’s mayor slapped a ban on most indoor gatherings.

Most American counties — 58% of them — have seen the peak of their coronavirus infections this month, and 76% of counties have peaked at some point in the fall. So, let’s hunker down people.

That’s it.

Only 64 more days to go